Friday, July 31, 2020

We say yes to growth, but with democracy and well-being: AMLO

The president published this Saturday the essay ‘The new economic policy in the times of the coronavirus’, which includes the actions that the Government has ordered due to the pandemic.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented this Saturday the essay The New Economic Policy in the Times of the Coronavirus, which, he said, also encompasses the sectors with the most resources in the country that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is aimed at the highest income sectors to explain how they will also benefit from this new policy. Not only 70 percent of the poor and middle class population, but also 30 percent of those from above”, he affirmed in a video published on his social networks.

The president explained that if more resources are dispersed among the most unprotected population in the country, through the Welfare programs, this ends up favoring the upper class as internal consumption is boosted, which consequently improves the industry and the Commerce. López Obrador announced on Thursday that he would present a text based on changing parameters on economic growth and people’s well-being over the weekend. “I am going to base it on how you have to change the parameters and not be thinking about the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or growth, but you have to be thinking about the well-being and happiness of the people,” he said.

Phrases from President López Obrador’s essay:

1. “We believe that society should actively participate not only in the decision of national affairs but also in the administration of public resources, and enjoy the freedom to exercise in whatever way it considers suitable those who are destined to the improvement of their immediate surroundings “.

2. “A model that only benefits minorities does not produce general well-being but, on the contrary, generates public misery and violence.”

3. “It is clear that millions of beneficiaries of these programs have been able to stay in their homes because they have an income that allows them to meet at least the most pressing needs.”

4. “The most affective thing (to build peace) is precisely what we do on the subject of meeting the demands of the poorest and most marginalized, with the understanding that peace is the fruit of justice.”

5. “It may be that corruption was not important in other nations, but in Mexico it was and continues to be an indispensable subject.”

6. “Corruption must not only be fought for moral reasons, but also due to the large amount of resources that are saved and released for the development and well-being of the people.”

7. “If austerity is applied as a form of government, the community can also be called to turn it into a way of life; it is therefore urgent to start convincing and persuading.”

8. “We consider that what is fundamental is not quantitative but qualitative: the equitable distribution of income and wealth.”

9. “The evil of the coronavirus also reminded us of how fragile and transitory it is, after all, an exclusive neoliberalist model, without a democratic and social dimension.”

10. “Nothing justifies continuing with the same economic policy and continuing to keep the term of growth in its tracks as a basic parameter for measuring national development. That is why we say yes to growth, but with democracy and well-being; yes to progress, but with justice because Progress without justice is setback. In the new economic policy, growth must be added to welfare in the widest sense of the word. ”

Link to the Essay: “The new economic policy in the times of the coronavirus.” 

Source: El Financiero


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