Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Morena aims to eliminate 5 trusts this Wednesday

The coordinator of Morena in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado Carrillo, announced that there is consensus among the opposition parties to discuss the issue. There is already an agreement with some of the opposition political parties to approve the elimination of five trusts this Wednesday, in a special session of a third special session, said the coordinator of “Morena” on Tuesday in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Delgado Carrillo.

“Not necessarily all parties would vote in favor,” said Delgado Carrillo, since he assured that even in his own parliamentary group there are disagreements. He argued that the opposition has already agreed to vote on the elimination of trusts that refer to the Improvement Program of the Means of Computing and Control of Customs Authorities; to the Rural Finance Fund; National Security Fund for Rail Road Crossings; Trust to Promote the Development of National Suppliers and Contractors of the Energy Industry and to the Social Support Fund for Former Migrant Workers Mexicans.

“We are making progress there. So far we already have an agreement with five trusts, which will represent savings of 16 billion pesos, and we will later put together a new initiative with other trusts,” the legislator clarified. Delgado Carrillo also specified that “although we are still in negotiations with the opposition”, the extraordinary period was agreed for the approval of the new Procurement Law. This will allow them to buy medical supplies abroad and thus avoid being “hostages” to the Mexican “corrupt companies” that have been selling and selling medicines and medical equipment up to 200 or 300 percent more expensive to the Mexican government since the previous six-year term. “There are even former politicians selling medicines; We are no longer going to be the prey of companies that were linked to the corruption of the previous administrations ”, he accused without mentioning names.

However, he said that in the extraordinary period other issues may be brought in, with the consensus of the opposition, although each will vote on the opinions according to their interests. “We are also probably going to pass the Remuneration Law. We are going to cover the exits that the autonomous entities had so that they don’t earn more than the President ”, he assured. Although in this opinion there are still no agreements with the opposition. With this, Delgado concluded, progress will be made on three of the main initiatives that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has proposed to his parliamentary group. Just on July 22, from the National Palace, the President claimed Morena, and in particular Mario Delgado, that his proposal to disappear hundreds of trusts has not been discussed.

“We have differences even with the legislators that arise from our movement; Now I am going to make a fraternal claim to you. Note that an extraordinary period is called in the Chamber of Deputies and the only issue to be discussed is the election of the INE directors, and we have presented you with two initiatives that we consider important and will not be taken into account, ”he reproached. And he specified: “An initiative, that of the trusts, was an agreement that I made with the people. Here at the Zocalo when I took office, I announced 100 commitments. Commitment 37 had to do with greater transparency in the handling of commitments. It was not an invention, it is a commitment ”. He insisted that the proposal on trusts “is not out of his sleeve.”

Source: El Financiero


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