Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Judge dismisses arrest warrant against Lozoya for Agro Nitrogenados case

This occurred during the initial hearing of the former official, who directed Petróleos Mexicanos.

Judge José Artemio Zúñiga Mendoza considered the arrest warrant against Emilio Lozoya, former director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), completed in the Agro Nitrogenados case on Tuesday. This decision was made after the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) narrated what happened in the case, since May 25, 2019 as when he requested the arrest warrant against the former official for his probable responsibility in the acquisition of a property with resources of illegal origin. As reported by the federal agency, it was on July 17 when the accused was received in the FGR hangar and his personality and identity were certified in the place. He said that, in order to complete an arrest warrant, Interpol was notified, who at the time issued the international red card.

He added that Lozoya was detained in February in Spain, whose authorities validated the extradition request, in force under the extradition agreements between the two countries. The FGR noted that, once he was extradited and when he arrived at the FGR hangar, Lozoya was notified of his rights as a defendant, the criminal case, and was given a copy of the arrest warrant. He had the right to interview his lawyer and his father. The FGR emphasized that medical reports were delivered from Spain, where Lozoya was diagnosed with anemia, asthenia of five days of evolution, as well as other physical conditions, including Barrett’s syndrome. He stressed that the Alarcón Hospital Foundation in Spain was the one who made the diagnosis. Therefore, added the FGR, treatment with oral iron was started. It was specified that since his arrival in Mexico, Lozoya was consistent and reported that he was admitted to the Ángeles del Pedregal Hospital where another evaluation was made. He warned that the former director of Pemex continued with pains in the esophagus due to Barrett’s syndrome and grade 3 anemia. As a result, he underwent medical studies from his admission to the hospital. That same day an official letter was sent to the judges of the Federal Judicial Council (CJF) based in the North Preventive Prison, notifying the material impossibility of presenting it due to his delicate state of health. He pointed out that that day the FGR also turned an official letter to request a link to the process, indicating that he was hospitalized. He said that Lozoya’s rights were taken care of at all times. After the narrative, the judge declared the arrest legal and considered the arrest warrant to be completed.

The FGR said that upon reviewing the acquisition of the fertilizer company by “Pemex,” it was determined that 60 percent of the assets of the aforementioned plant should be replaced. He claimed that the situation was fraudulent because a new plant would have cost from $ 200 to $ 300 million. In its complaint, the FGR insisted that as a result of the investigations, it can be affirmed that Lozoya acquired a real property (that of Lomas de Bezares) in national territory with knowledge that the resource for the purchase came from an illicit origin. “(This) because in previous dates there was an agreement between you and Alonso Ancira Elizondo. So that once in charge of”, Pemex, “you will unduly promote and encourage the purchase of an inactive company with a price higher than the value real, illicit resource obtained and used for the purchase of the aforementioned house. ” He insisted that there is no commercial relationship between AHMSA and Tochos Holding Limited, much less with Gilda Susana Lozoya Austin.

He told Lozoya that “the origin of the money was tried to hide the triangular between AHMSA and Tochos Holding Limited, of which you were a beneficiary from July 1, 2003 to February 28, 2012, when you requested the transfer of assets to your sister.” And from the account based in Geneva, Switzerland, her sister, through Tochos Holding Limited, made transfers to the bank account in Mexico in the name of Carmen Ampudia, owner of the property, and as a result she transferred to her property, hiding the illicit origin.

Source: El Financiero


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