Friday, July 31, 2020

IMSS in Zacatepec delivers the wrong corpse to relatives of a patient who died from COVID-19

For this mistake, the state coordination will assume all the expenses of exhumation of the wrong body and burial of the correct one. Cuernavaca, Mor.-Medical personnel of the IMSS of Zacatepec wrongly gave the body of a person who died from COVID-19 this weekend, to the family that did not correspond, confirmed the state coordinator of the institute in Morelos, Francisco Monsebaiz Salinas . “There was indeed an error last night, there were two male patients; currently, due to the epidemiological contingency situation, any deceased is being placed in a biodegradable shroud that is opaque, which does not allow the deceased person’s face to be seen, (therefore) during the morning the body was wrongly handed over ” he explained. The federal official assured that the institution will assume all the expenses, from the exhumation and burial of the corpse, to the family that affected, in the San Miguel pantheon in the municipality of Tlaltizapán. And, in the face of the pressure and pressure of the authorities, the relatives buried the wrong person on the same Sunday (of the death), so after realizing the error, the corpse must be exhumed to deliver it to their true relatives. “Fortunately, this error was identified and we have already discussed with the relatives of the body that was initially buried, it is going to be exhumed to change its grave and we have already discussed with them to compensate the damage, the relatives agreed with this support that we are going to give, both in the exhumation process and the new inhumation “, explained Monsebaiz Salinas. Gregorio, 57, was originally from San Miguel 30 in Tlaltizapan, and Armando, 63, from the indigenous municipality of Xoxocotla, both died from coronavirus this weekend at clinic number five of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS ) located in Zacatepec, in the south of the state, however, the body of the first was handed over to the family of the second. Francisco Monsebaiz pointed out that he talked with the staff of the Zacatepec clinic, so that special care is taken with the corpses, when they are introduced into the mortises, because they are not transparent. In an interview for the financier, the director of the Zacatepec pantheons, Esteban Valladares Elizalde, reported that the burial costs range between 400 and 500 pesos; those for cremation are around 7,000 to 12,000 pesos. “Yes, we found out that this great mistake occurred. In fact, there was a scandal in Xoxocotla, because they realized that it was not their family member who handed them over; What is not clear to us is why the first body was not cremated, if the health authorities require that this be the procedure for health reasons, “he explained. But now, because it is an exhumation, the IMSS will have to pay around 1,200 pesos for the error. Currently, the Health Secretariat in Morelos registered 103 deaths from COVID-19 on Monday, as well as 830 accumulated confirmed cases, of which 295 are active; 260 are suspects and 787 have been ruled out.


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