Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Experts foresee an increase in crimes in CDMX

Economic lag for Covid, trigger, they say; They ask the government for a new security plan Security specialists outline an imminent increase in the rates of insecurity on the streets of Mexico City during the second half of the year. In a balance made on the behavior of crimes, they assured that kidnapping, extortion, robberies in their different modalities and intentional injuries will reach a “new normal” when the daily activities of citizens are reactivated.

Consulted by EL UNIVERSAL, experts such as Francisco Rivas, director of the National Citizen Observatory (ONC), and David Ramírez de Garay, from the Mexico Evalúa organization, agreed that in the coming months crimes could begin to register a rise, as a result of economic lag due to the health contingency due to “, Covid-19.,” According to the Open Data portal of Mexico City, the crimes that have been most committed are family violence and theft of businesses without violence, which are they were vulnerable after the imminent closure of shops; fraud, threats and robbery follow in their various forms. In the criminal analysis, the experts said that there will be new opportunities to commit crimes in the country’s capital, as well as for new criminal conduct, so it will be important to know how the capital’s government will modify its strategy to contain them. It also reads: ” They seek to tighten the anti-underworld measures They assured that despite the fact that in the City crimes are on the decline, as revealed by the figures of the Ministry of Citizen Security (SSC) during the first four months of the year, where intentional homicide was registered with -17%; -65%, kidnapping, and -46% in extortion crime.

However, the quarantine also caused few people to report crimes to avoid getting coronavirus. “We have registered several cases of family violence, extortion and robbery where people told us that they were not going to report it. I have a good impression of the officials who are in charge of the City, but I do not see anything decisive on stage [to lower crime]. What we did warn about is that in the coming months things are going to be very complicated in terms of security, “said Francisco Rivas. It also reads: “3 Women linked to the kidnapping of doctors in a hotel in the Miguel Hidalgo fall Reports from the capital’s prosecutor’s office consulted refer to the fact that in a day of quarantine, the decentralized agencies of the different mayors register high-impact crimes such as theft of transport public, home burglary, family violence, fraud, threats, intentional homicide, robbery of business with violence and sexual abuse; Most of these initiated folders were not reported with any arrested criminal.”

For David Ramírez de Garay, the immediate thing is that crimes begin to grow in the capital of the Republic, because “a large number of people will gradually return to their activities, the generation of criminal opportunities will still be restored and then, if We think that nothing has changed, so it is to be expected that we will return to the same levels that we were before the quarantine by Covid ”. Both specialists agreed that it is also an opportunity for the capital’s government to present a strategy to curb these crimes. It also reads: “They give attention to 14 thousand women victims of violence during the pandemic “What are local governments doing, in this case that of Mexico City, to mitigate the effects of the contingency, possible [generators] of economic crisis [in the capitals] that can lead to an increase in various criminal behaviors”, said Ramírez de Garay.

The public security analyst concentrated that those crimes that would grow would be those related to the activities of people on the street. He said that the capital government should put emphasis on those families that have been economically affected and that will not be able to keep their children in schools, because they could be a target for crime.

Source: El Universal


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