Friday, May 29, 2020

This is the list of requirements that companies must meet to reopen plants and factories

Ana Claudia Junco, Whirlpool’s manager of safety, hygiene and environment, explained that among the measures that companies are asked to provide are protection of personnel with masks, as well as training their personnel on the coronavirus. Luis Aguirre Lang, national president of Index, indicated that the industry received “with great joy” the announcement of the National Health Council regarding the insertion of new essential sectors for export manufacturing. “Starting today we can start operations in very important sectors such as the aerospace, automotive, auto parts, among others, so it is important that, taking advantage of the experience of this industry, we try to lessen the economic impact that this global pandemic will leave us “, said.

In order to comply with the opening requirements, Gerardo Vázquez Falcón, director of the prevention group of COVID-19 of the National Index, indicated that companies must follow a checklist that will soon be released by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS ). Ana Claudia Junco, Whirlpool’s Safety, Hygiene and Environment Manager detailed the five fundamental aspects that this list will address. In the first place, engineering measures must be followed, where the entry and exit of personnel will be supervised, common areas of coexistence will be developed, and production and sanitary processes will be monitored. The second measure focuses on the administrative side, since office or corporate workers will be able to continue working at home, for which the company must ensure that its collaborators have the necessary technological measures and tools to carry them out. finished.

As a third measure, protocols for personal protection will be established, N-95 masks will be used exclusively by medical service personnel and emergency response teams. In-plant workers must wear disposable and cloth mouth guards. In fourth place, he pointed out the constant training to the person, the company must inform the workers what the coronavirus is, what symptoms appear, spread personal hygiene measures such as hand washing, the ways of transmission, in addition to various measures of personal hygiene. Finally, regular health promotion will be exercised, so that workers must have access to medical and psychological care.

Source: El Financiero


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