Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Treasury will stop granting a budget item for the Employment Support Program

In 2020, 197 million pesos were approved for the departure of this program, in accordance with the Federation’s Expenditure Budget. As part of the reorientation of spending to support the economy in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) ordered to discontinue the budget for one of the items of the Employment Support Program (PAE). This program is operated by the Ministry of Labor together with the states, through 1,200 workers whose positions are at risk due to the budget adjustment. The General Directorate of Legal Affairs of the STPS sent official letters to the federal entities in which it notifies them that the Treasury, “in use of its faculties”, carried out a reserve of resources to the PAE in item 43901 ‘Training and scholarship grants ‘, which is part of the Coordination Agreement for the Operation of the PAE corresponding to 2020. According to the Federation’s Expenditure Budget (PEF), in 2020 704 million pesos were approved for the PAE, of which 197 million pesos correspond to the item of Training and Scholarship Subsidies of which the trade applicable at the national level is the subject. “The National Employment Service Unit (SNE) requested this General Directorate in my charge to communicate that it will not be possible to continue with the Agreement, given the impossibility of extending the resources as a result of the reorientation of public spending to finance the National Plan of Development for the Economic Reactivation before the COVID-19 ”, the document subscribes. The objective, adds the office, is to counteract the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the population and benefit 25 million families in Mexico. “I inform you that this dependency (STPS) of the federal Executive is unable, materially and legally, to continue with the development of the Merit Coordination Agreement, corresponding to fiscal year 2020”, subscribe the official letters dated May 6, which were sent to the state offices that operate the PAE. In accordance with the clauses of the Coordination Agreement, the STPS can terminate the agreement in advance by means of a communication with the reasons for the transfer of budgetary resources, this notice must be given 30 calendar days in advance, however, workers of the state offices assured that this office took them by surprise. Workers of the state offices explained to El Financiero that the job puts at risk the employment of 1,200 employees of the National Employment Service (SNE), also pointed out that they have not been paid the fortnights of the month of April, which puts them in a situation of uncertainty due to not knowing their future work. “They told us overnight about this job, we do not know what will happen, if the SNE will disappear or if they will liquidate us, they have not paid us, they have not told us if there will be any support, they have not told us Nothing, we would like there to be clarity without the desire to attack anyone, “they mentioned. They indicated that the Coordination Agreement works with resources from the federal government and the states, the federal resources are for the programs that are part of the PAE, but also in that amount the salary of the 1,200 SNE employees in the entities is included. The workers explained that the resources approved in the subsidy item are for the payment of employees’ payroll in the 163 SNE offices located throughout the country. “The Ministry of Finance advised that it withdraws the money for the PAE, but they never notified us to stop work, we continue to work and we have been sending people to Canada with the Temporary Agricultural Workers Program that is the PTAT, the operation continues, we have been linking people with a job in self-service stores that are the ones that are still active in the contingency, ”said an employee from the state of Michoacán. The Employment Support Program, in force since 2001, seeks to help solve the difficulties faced by job seekers and employers to articulate in the labor market, therefore focused attention is given to labor intermediation services, labor mobility of day laborers agricultural and employability training. The Employment Support Program is made up of three subprograms called: Labor Intermediation, Labor Mobility of Agricultural Laborers and Training for Employability, through which, with federal public resources, various services or supports are provided to facilitate access to employment . The Mexico-Canada agricultural workers program is one of the most important that the STPS has, only in 2019, the Secretariat through the SNE, achieved 26,399 labor contracts with more than 2,000 Canadian employers. For 2020, the goal is to reach 27 thousand Mexican day laborers. Meanwhile, the SNE and its job exchanges that the PAE operates are part of the ‘Month 13’ strategy of the ‘Youth Building the Future’ program, since the job exchanges that the PAE operates will be a means of linking so that Fellows may be placed in a job, or may find options for certification of skills gained during the training year.


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