Friday, May 29, 2020

Industrial Leaders propose a ‘Room Together’ to coordinate reopening with Health and Economy

A side table with the authorities is needed to start operations in strategic sectors such as automotive, construction and mining as soon as possible, Concamin said.

Establishing a side table, or a ‘Room Together’, to accompany the Health and Economy authorities is the proposal of the industrialists to work in a coordinated way in the productive reopening, and thus start operations in strategic sectors as soon as possible. automotive, construction and mining, said Francisco Cervantes, president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (Concamin). “We need to set up a side table so that the Ministry of Health knows the industry protocols branch by branch, to see that they are cutting edge under international standards and to be able to work hand in hand, the call is for solidarity. We are firm in our requests but not confrontational, “said the industrial leader. Before the modification of the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) of the start date of the automotive, construction and mining sectors, postponing it to June 1 instead of May 18, the industrialists warned about job losses and the risk of stay out of supply chains with North American trading partners. “The unemployment pandemic is the one that is latent and it is also indispensable, essential to take care of value chains,” said Cervantes in the 5th Covid Industrial Report videoconference.

As Mexico is one of the main players in global supply chains (number seven), the industrial leader stressed that there is much pressure to coordinate with its partners in the United States. “The industrialists are aware that we are facing a great challenge, we will put the health of our collaborators first, human capital and therefore we will be very strict in preventive care such as healthy distance, implements that are required within the facilities of each industry that is, we are attentive to all the details so that this restart involves the least possible risk for people, “added Cervantes Díaz. Between 25 and 30 million pesos are those that companies in the export manufacturing sector are applying in the different adaptations to guarantee sanitary prevention measures, said Luis Aguirre Lang, president of Index. From adherence to good practices in essential manufacturing plants, additional hiring of the medical sector for exact monitoring per person upon entering and leaving the facilities; work teams for supervision, sanitation, cleaning; duplicate spending on personnel transportation; implementation of acrylic panels in the dining rooms; adjustments to production lines and sanitary protection equipment, “each company is investing an average of 25 to 30 million pesos depending on the size of the plant,” he said. The alignment with the main commercial partner of Mexico should be a priority since the risks are considerable in job losses and collateral damages, in case of losing the contracts already obtained with companies in the United States due to the lack of available product due to not being able to operate José Cohen, vice president of Concamin, pointed out. “We cannot afford to lose what has been built for so many years and leave it to other players. We are conciliatory and clear in our arguments. The real impact of suspending supply chains are extremely costly in terms of job loss and collateral damage, “he added.

Source: El Financiero


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